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Your most potent anti-ageing tool

January 23, 2017

In rather the same way that a dog is not just for Christmas, sun screen is not just for summer. 

You should be wearing it every day. Yes even today, and even if (like me) you live here on this foggy island. Did you know that 80% of harmful UV rays can penetrate cloud cover? Well now you do. Sun screen is your single most potent anti-ageing tool. 

I have searched for years for a sun screen that doesn't annoy me and think I have finally found one. It is made by a brand called Heliocare 360 and it is a broad spectrum (meaning it protects from all types of rays) factor 50 oil-free gel. Unlike some brands it doesn't make you look pale and uninteresting, nor does it feel like it clogs up your skin. I use it every day after my skincare regime and before I put on any make-up. It glides on easily and has a great texture and smell. Love it. 


Heliocare 360 gel oil free £31 www.aestheticare.co.uk or www.michaeljohn.co.uk 


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November 12, 2018

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