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One for the boys

June 15, 2018


There are certain things I will never try, and I can confidently say that this is one of them. Penoplasty, or to give it its more colloquial name, penis enlargement, is not quite the complicated procedure you might assume. It has at least one thing in common with the breast enlargement I wrote about in January (https://bit.ly/2LUtdc9) in that it takes your own fat from somewhere you don’t want it and puts it somewhere you do.

Penis enlargement as they call it was pioneered in the UK by the plastic fantastic twins Dr Roberto and Dr Maurizio Viel who started performing the operation in their Harley Street clinic back in 1990. Since then they have enlarged around 200 penises a year. One of their happy customers told me that it was the best thing he ever did. “It’s increased my confidence on so many levels, not just in bed,” he said. He only had the girth widening procedure (where fat is harvested and then injected), which means the downtime is less significant. If you are looking to lengthen the penis as well then you need to have an added procedure that involves cutting the ligament that attaches it to the pubis area. However, be warned, the lengthening is only obvious when the penis is flaccid. The operation for both procedures takes up to an hour and a half and is carried out under sedation. Patients are advised to take things easy for the first two weeks and not to have sex for at least four weeks afterwards. After that of course, there’ll be no stopping you…


Penis Enlargement costs £6,400 for widening and £5,400 for lengthening or a combined price of £9,300 (including PRP, platelet rejuvenation treatment for quicker recovery) at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery info@lcas.com +44 207 6364272  www.lcas.com



PERFORMANCE: Am reliably informed it works extremely well.


BEAUTY OR BEAST? Beauty baby…

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November 12, 2018

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